I guess some lessons arent meant to be understood . not with anything other than the heart anyway.

For the sake of one, for the sake of all, everything comes ibturn, if you’re doing the right thing in the mean.. too much fun is not the right thing. but fun is. Soooo. Where is the line.

Now its like all the threads have nearly been re-woven together, but we’ve got the shaping, and ending and colouring to do.

As per the quote referring to happiness as a cat that runs away if chased, but if you go about your business it comes gently, so in some ways can we think of love. It is well known that to be loved, as an adult, it is most wise.to be loving, or in the very least lovable.
My query is: if you find others wanting to be loved by you, but not deigning to love in return, are you simply on the right path, or, do you need to be more loving? Or, perhaps the scariest option of all, less loving?
I don’t know how to answer this. But, I’ll always choose love. I always will, but perhaps won’t direct it anymore and will aim to simply overflow.

because i love everything,

Everything is love.


What ever precludes you from sleeping with me also precludes you from being my friend.
Ok. Maybe it doesn’t.

Jewellery and fine dining is STILL the answer to every question. Beyong these there is really only sports cars.

Happy New Year Al!
this time last year

This time last year, I probably made some quiet internal resolution to do something differently, kind of knowing these things happen in due course, but I think mostly, my desire for the year was just to cope. Keep my head above water, swim.

I did cope. And even better than that, somewhere along the line, I got back to wanting tk take on the world. I’m not just coping anymore. My heart is in it again. All I need now is to maintain courage, forget my fears, and to boldly focus on destinations I hold dear.

If focus is saying no, then may 2012 be the year of no and may I have the energy and strength and vitality to keep ny vigil, for I wish to express my gratitude for my lif e by allowing more than I ever dreamed to happen, happen.

Thankyou God for this life.

dont give me that bullshit

If anyone gave a shit someone would have said something. It’s not enough to dislike me. Exclude me, and then say you miss me. It’s fucking boxing day. I don’t want to put up with them for two days either but I’d be fucking nice irrespective. It’s only two days of the year you don’t have to be a prat for.
At least now I know I’ve been in the right place so far.